In the world of gaming, there are many different types of tech that we interact with. Further; as a gamer, there are many types of tech that we rely on. For example, as a PC gamer, you’ll look into PC parts (motherboard, CPU’s, GPU’s, fans etc…), keyboard/mice monitors and so on. As the industry continues to grow the technology becomes more advanced and by the time you know it, you’re left with overwhelming choices. Researching tech is a daunting task, so the goal of Virtunist Technology Digests (VTD)is to compile resources and present you with that information in bite-size portions. Why scour the internet for information when we can consolidate, and present it at your fingertips?

So What are Virtunist Tech Digests?

The goal behind VTD’s is to inform and educate you on certain technologies and products in the market. The scope of technology is vast, and there is an overwhelming amount of information in all markets. Our job is to make sure you are armed with knowledge. As mentioned before, we’ll do the heavy lifting with finding resources. We’ll present you with the best of the best, and ultimately hope to facilitate informed choices.  

Each VTD will cover the following key topics.

  • Features
  • Comparible(s)
  • Pro’s
  • Con’s
  • Additional Resources
  • Cost Range

These topics may change over the course of time. As we receive more feedback, we may add more key details.

Now that you know what VTDs are, we want to set some expectations for you as the reader, and as Virtunist as the resource. As mentioned above, VTDs serve to be informational and fact based. We will provide links to where to purchase items, and also provide additional resources for your convenience. We are not genius experts in “all the things” tech, so there may be a few mistakes from time to time. If you happen to find one of those mistakes, please contact us on social media or via our contact us page.

We’re always open to feedback! Please reach out to us if there are any specific items that you’d like us to cover, or if you have any questions!


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