The Division 2 | Liberty – Exotic Deagle Guide

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Liberty is an Exotic D50 sidearm that packs a powerful punch. There are 2 perks that are geared towards damaging or destroying enemy electronics (very useful against Black Tusks), and a third holstered perk that plays nicely with your other weapons. For someone who doesn’t use sidearms often, I believe this exotic is worth the time and definitely deserves your attention.

This guide breaks down the process of getting this weapon, with a step-by-step breakdown of how to obtain all of the materials needed to craft this beauty!

Quick Weapon Stats:


Liberty: Gain +100% weapon damage to hostile electronics.

  • While aiming, enemy weak points and hostile electronics are highlighted.

Blind Justice: After Destroying an enemy’s weak point or hostile electronics, your next bullet deals +500% weapon damage.

  • If that shot kills an enemy, your magazine is refilled and grants +100% weapon damage for the entire magazine.

Independence: While holstered, destroying weak points refills 20% of your current weapon’s magazine.




  1. Pistol: Trigger and Mechanism
  2. Pistol: Receiver and Paintjob
  3. Pistol: Sight and Rail
  4. Pistol: Grip and Tags

Crafting Materials

  1. Polycarbonate
  2. Carbon Fiber
  3. Receiver Components

Item (RNG Drop)

  1. |D50 – High End (cannot be a Superior D50)

Let’s jump right into how to get the materials. If you have been free roaming around DC then you should have a good amount of crafting materials. If this is not the case, don’t worry, you’ll have chances to get these items while obtaining the other materials.

Below are the locations that you’ll need to complete to get these materials. All 4 of the “Pistol: []” materials will drop from named bosses in each activity. Let’s get started!

1. Pistol: Trigger and Mechanism (Capitol Hill Stronghold)

Pistol: Trigger and Mechanism
  • Boss name: Kendra Nelson
  • Difficulty: Hard

First, you’ll need to have completed the main story and have the Capitol Hill stronghold unlocked. Load up the stronghold and work your way to completion. Kendra Nelson will be the final boss and most importantly she will drop Pistol: Trigger and Mechanism. Kill her and claim the first part to crafting this awesome exotic!

2. Pistol: Receiver and Paintjob (American History Museum)

    • Boss name: Captain Briggs
    • Difficulty: Hard

    Next, head over to the American History Museum mission and change the difficulty to hard. Killing Captain Briggs will drop Pistol: Receiver and Paintjob.

3. Pistol: Sight and Rail (Viewpoint Museum)

  • Boss name: Staff Sergeant Carl Wade
  • Difficulty: Hard

Moving along, we’ll need to go to the Viewpoint Museum mission and change the difficulty to hard. Play through the mission and kill Staff Sergeant Carl Wade, which will drop the Pistol: Sight and Rail material.

4. Pistol: Grip and Tags & Kendra’s Liberty Blueprint (Space Administration HQ)

  • Boss name: Sergeant Steve “junior” Quiroz
  • Difficulty: Hard

The last mission will have 2 drops that are required to craft Liberty. You’ll be heading to Space Administration HQ, and you guessed it! Change the difficulty to hard, and make your way through that mission. The boss that you’ll be killing is Sergeant Steve “junior” Quiroz, who will ultimately drop Pistol: Grip and Tags along with Kendra’s Liberty Blueprint.

Now that you’ve completed obtaining those materials, and verifying if you have enough crafting materials. You’ll want to double check to make sure you have a |D50 – High End (not Superior). If you haven’t gotten your hands on one of those, then you’ll need to farm and get it. Reading around on Reddit, a lot of people have mentioned that they’ve been getting their D50’s from field proficiency caches. Don’t give up on this part, you’ll find it!

Once you have everything head over to the crafting bench. You’ll see Liberty listed under Exotics. Craft your new Exotic D50 – Liberty and enjoy!


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