Gears 5 – Collectables & Components Guide

We’re back with our favorite COG Soldiers and the fight to save humanity from the Swarm continues. This guide is intended to help you explore the world and collect not only collectibles containing excellent lore, but components to help level up! Please note, this list is on-going and updated with the latest information we find!

ACT I: Chapters 1 - 4

Chapter 1: Shot In The Dark

Weathered Spectacles

When you drop down from the helicopter, turn right and search along the walls. You’ll find the spectacles on a series or rocks/boulders.

Onyx Guard Challenge Coin

Begin down the path until you come to a fork. Take the left path, and at the end, you’ll find this challenge coin.

Wellness Advisor Poster

Make your way through the story. You’ll end up in what looks like a combined living quarters. Head straight, and you’ll see a stall with the door open. You can either Walk up to the door, and collect the poster or head to the right of it, and on the wall you’ll see the poster to collect.

COG TAGS: Fallen Azura Gear

As you continue the story, you’ll run into a part where you will need Dave to open the door. Once the scene and talking finishes, go straight up the small staircase and look to your right. You’ll see a skeleton and some useful ammo pickups. As you pick up the ammo, you’ll also pick up these tags.

Chairman's Wristwatch

Now once you head up the large staircase, make your first left into a room. Head to the back of that room, and you’ll see a door to your right. On top of the desk to your right will be the watch.

Light Mass Missile Strike Authorizzation

Now when you head to the next area, kill everything in the room. As you head to the back of the room, you’ll see a room to your left, and some stairs. Go straight up the stairs and to the back of the room. Sitting on the console is the collectable.

UIR Hammer of Dawn Blueprints

Now continue with opening the door into the Commander’s office. When the doors open, you’ll see a Globe in the room ahead. Head there and gather the blueprints.

Chapter 2: Diplomacy

Photograph of KILO Squad

After the cutscene, you’re able to “free roam” Bairds lab. Start off to the left, at Bairds workstation. You’ll find the photograph near the edge of the table.

Mark 3 Lancer Blueprint

Now follow Baird. Before you interact with anything, look to your left and you will see a blueprint sitting on top of a crate.

New Ability: FLASH

Trauma Record: Marcus Fenix

Before following Baird to your doom, just messing, look to your right. You’ll see a box with a discarded Chinese take-out container on top. Here you will find the Marcus’ Record.

Gym Notice To Trainees

After you watch the sweet cut-scene of JD shutting down Fahz. Look to your right, and you’ll see this notice up on the wall.

DBI Marketing Brochure

Now, after you pick up your first component. Head over to where Jinn and Marcus are. Before interacting with the door look at the blue bench to the left, and you will find the brochure.

Chapter 3: This Is War

COG TAGS: Fallen Raven Pilot

After fending off multiple waves of Juvies, you begin your mission. Take a few steps to the front, and you’ll see COG Tags on the ground.

The New EPHYRAN: 20th Anniversary Edition

After getting the tags, head straight into the next room. Head to the desk furthest from you and you will see the magazine sitting next to a computer.


After you pick up the new EPHYRAN magazine collectable, look to your left and head down to that end of the room. You will find a component sitting next to a espresso machine.

Seditious Literature

Continue through the mission. You’ll run into a room and see a Swarmak, then a small wave of Swarm. After defeating the baddies, head up the stairs, and you’ll find the  Literature on the desk towards the left. Now, turn around and you’ll find two desks pushed up against each other. You will see the component sitting on top of the desk.


Continue with the mission. After you run into the over apologetic, spray and play private. Head down the stairs and over the railing, you’ll see a Utility box with a component inside. Going forward, there are a handful a times a utility box will not have a component inside.


Make your way through the hallway. You’ll end up in a room with people taking shelter. Head straight into the bathroom and on the right, you’ll see a component on top of a washing machine.

Settlement 2 Welcome Package

After grabbing the component, turn around and you’ll see a room to the left. Enter the room and on the table you’ll find the collectable.

Storied Embry Star

This next collectible is really easy to over-look. From the previous collectible/component you’ll be going into a big fight. Once you’re done with the fire-fight, head to right side of the map, and you’ll see a “Grand staircase”. Head straight up the stairs and continue walking forward until you reach a couple of drawers. There, you will find the Embry Star.


After Del and Fahz’s interaction cutscene. You’ll be in a courtyard like area. Go straight ahead until you can clearly see the Condor wreckage. For this Component, you’ll be taking a right, and heading up to a busted up bridge. Have Jack retrieve the component on the other side.

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