Destiny 2 Season Of the Undying roadmap release and updates

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When Destiny 2 first dropped, Bungie and Activision were not the most transparent about the current state of their game. This left many guardians frustrated with their experience and inevitably ditching the game all together. Fast forward 2 years, Bungie & Activision part ways, and new promises are made. Bungie ultimately delivered on their promise to mend some broken hearts and listen to their community. With Seasonal updates, Bungie provides Guardians with a roadmap of what is in the pipeline.

Starting on October 1st, we enter the Season of the Undying. More details below.

The roadmap has been updated on September 26, 2019. This Week At Bungie – 9/26/2019

Season of the Undying Roadmap Revealed

Season of Undying will last from October 1st with the launch of Shadowkeep and carry through December. There is a jampacked schedule ahead, so we’ll have plenty to do until then.

The first and Biggest Item on this list is the Launch of Shadowkeep on October 1.

Highlights of each update below:

10/5 – The release of the most anticipated raid, Garden of Salvation. Get ready for the race to World’s First completion!

10/8 – Hero Nightmare Hunts

10/15 – Legend Nightmare Hunts & the first Iron Banner of the new season

10/22 – Exotic Quest: Leviathan’s Breath & Master Nightmare Hunts

10/29 – 11/19 – The return of Festival Of The Lost. Along with the release of FOTL, the new Dungeon and PVP mode will be released. The new PvP Mode will be called Momentum Control.

10/29 – A new Exotic Quest: Xenophage

11/05 – a month after the release of the Raid, we will get our 1st Raid Challenge

11/19 – Vex Offensive: Final Assault

Launch Day is right around the corner so keep in mind this roadmap will change. Therefore, we will keep this updated when changes are made.

As more information comes out for each new offering, we’ll updated this page as well!

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