Anthem | 3 Tips and Tricks To Get You Started

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3 tips and tricks to help you in Anthem

The long-awaited Anthem has officially been released to the masses! I have compiled 5 things to get your adventure as a freelancer started on the right foot. Shall we begin?

1. Choosing the Right Javelin

When starting the game, you’ll have the opportunity to learn the controls and the basic operation of a Javelin. After the short tutorial, you’ll be given the opportunity to pick one of the 4 available Javelins. Below I have briefly laid out each Javelin and their unique characteristics.

Click on a Javelin’s name for more information:


  • Well balanced Javelin (Speed, Armor, capabilities)
  • Considered the “Jack-of-all-Trades”
  • Has missile seeker(s), grenades, and team support skills


  • Heavy armor Javelin (Tank of the Javelins)
  • Heavy weapon user (great for Area of Effect[AOE] )
  • Support gear adds an additional defense for your teammates


  • The Spellcaster/Elementalist
  • Uses elemental skills to inflict massive amounts of damage
  • Support gear consists of a defensive wall, and abilities to help speed up ability cooldowns


  • Best Javelin for speed and melee abilities
  • Great for getting up close and personal and darting out of harms way quickly
  • Its support gear also has a cool tracking ability
Recommendations on a Javelin:

The Ranger would be a great starting point. As a well-balanced type, giving and receiving damage won’t be much of a problem. The melee ability has a slight delay in back-to-back use but packs a heavy hit when needed. Furthermore, The Ultimate ability uses seeking missile-launchers. The secondary weapon (Ability) is a blast missile. There’s also a huge arsenal of grenades to choose from. The combination will be a great fit!!

You’ll have the opportunity to unlock Javelins at the following level:

  • 2 (Your first Javelin choice)
  • 8
  • 16
  • 26

In addition, regardless of the selection, you’ll be given the opportunity to change Javelins when you level up!

2. Remember, Anthem is a Looter First

Anthem can be compared to The Division, and Destiny. I compare those three because of the fundamental similarties that they have. They are Shooter Looters. When exploring the open world you’ll have the opportunity to fly, kill and loot.

Pick up Everything!

There will be opportunities to Harvest plants, Minerals, and even parts. Just be sure that you pick up these items. When you level-up you’ll have access to start crafting guns, components, and useful consumables, so you’ll be glad you gathered these up.

3. Resources And /r/AnthemTheGame

I’m a big fan and believer of Reddit as a resource. When playing Destiny, I always referred to Reddit, which made my experience even better.

The community at /r/AnthemTheGame is great!! There are people who have started Anthem since the VIP demo days. They are very knowledgeable of the game and always posting great amounts of information pertaining to the game. If you haven’t already, check out the subreddit and post any questions you may have.

Also on that note, resources are aplenty. Check out the official EA Games website for more information on the game. You can also check out the Cortex for more information.


If you haven’t purchased the game yet, here are some options! 

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The items listed below are Legion of Dawn Editions, which give you additional equipment (Legendary set of guns, vinyl and much more!)




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